Top 5 Best Waterproof iPhone Cases

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Does it ever strike you as funny that we can send a spacecraft to Mars, but we can’t seem to come up with a waterproof smartphone? I have lost a phone before by dropping it in a tiny puddle of water, less than 1/4 inch deep. Of course, NOW I know the ol’ dry-it-out-in-a-bowl-of-rice trick…but seriously. There are millions of people out there who would pay a little extra for a waterproof phone, including me. I mean, what’s another $100 on top of a $799 iPhone, right? Just waterproof that b*tch!

However, since to my knowledge there are NOT currently any plans for a waterproof iPhone in the works, I can suggest to you a few of the top rated waterproof iPhone cases out there. And where do we go to find those reviews? Why, Amazon, of course! These are the top five best rated waterproof iphone 4/4s cases on Amazon – so your little water baby can achieve its dreams of being an underwater explorer, just like Jacques Cousteau.

LifeProof Waterproof iPhone 4/4x case at amazon

LifeProof Waterproof iPhone 4/4s Case: This is the case that keeps popping up everywhere – I found it when I searched for “best protective iPhone 5 cases” and “best waterproof iphone cases.” Reviewers give it great ratings for taking photos underwater, and it’s safe up to 2 meters/6.6ft depth. Designed to Military Specs & rated against water and dust. Boasts a wonderfully slim design for being completely waterproof and withstands most drops up to 2 meters (6.6 feet).

Customers love the slim profile that makes it easy to use your iPhone normally on a day-to-day basis.

iphone "Scuba Suit" DriSuit Waterproof iPhone 4/4s Case

DriSuit Endurance Waterproof Protective Case for iPhone 4/4s:

Also known as the “Scuba Suit,” this case is waterproof and takes great photos up to 15 feet deep. Gel screen cover allows underwater touch screen functionality, though reviewers say realistically it’s a little tricky due to the ‘squishy’ nature of the conductive / protective screen.

Tests great for remaining underwater for several hours with no leaks.

DicaPac Floating Waterproof iPhone 4/4s Case

DicaPac WP-i10 Waterproof Case for iPhone 3/3GS and iPhone 4/4S:

Guaranteed 100% waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) deep, this case is recommended for surfing, kayaking, snowboarding, bathing, rafting, wakeboarding, etc.

Clear polycarbonate lens allows clear photos, and the case floats with your phone inside it. Comes in a range of colors.

Reviewers confirm excellent underwater photos and waterproofing, though one consumer mentions noticing it became more difficult to use the touchscreen at increasing depths (around 25 feet). My guess would be that’s probably more to do with the phone than the case, but I’m just speculating of course.

aquabox waterproof iphone case

Aqua Box Waterproof iPhone case for iPhone 3/3Gs and iPhone 4/4s:

Great reviews for waterproof-ness and underwater photo quality. Comes with a detachable lanyard, and case floats on the water.

Silicone screen retains touchscreen functionality and preserves photo quality. Sound quality for calls is minimally affected.

A few minor gripes:

The case is a little bulky, and since it is designed to fit several types of smartphones, there is a little extra room for some of the phones inside which allows it to slide around a bit and makes it difficult to use the touchscreen (One reviewer suggests solving this problem by tucking a folded up paper towel inside). The silicone screen is a little ‘sticky’ to the touch when dry but works well when wet.

XGear Liquid Shield Waterproof iPhone 4/4s case XGear Liquid Shield Waterproof iPhone 4/4s case:

Also known as the “Amphibian,” this 2-in-1 design features a removable outer case which is fully waterproof up to 9 feet deep with an IP68 certified Liquid Shield; all buttons fully accessible. Shield protects from sand, dirt, dust, water, etc. Inner case is designed tough for everyday use, with a durable, crush-proof polycarbonate shell.

Drawbacks: tough to hear through waterproof (outer) case and both touch screen function and photo quality slightly reduced.

–Ok, I know I said 5, but this last one is a bonus because it’s not exactly a case that you might want to use all the time (while on vacation, say – ) but more of a temporary fix for spending a day at the beach or on the jetskis at the lake.–

Dry Pak Waterproof Cell Phone Beach Bag

Kwik Tek Dry Pak Floating Waterproof Cell Phone Beach Bag:

Floating waterproof bag is great for carrying with you while boating, during water sports, or for a day at the beach. This case allows you to talk and listen through the bag while not having to risk exposing your mobile phone to the elements. Bright yellow lock top for high visibility on the water if pouch is separated from you.

Universal pouch fits most cell phones and smart phones.

Could be a little tricky for underwater photography, unless you have the capability of the front-facing camera. Otherwise you’d have to face the screen toward the opaque back of the pouch. This is more of a “keeps your phone dry while you waterski” case than an underwater adventure companion.

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