Never lose power again with Innergie PocketCell Portable Pocket Rechargeable Battery Charger for USB Devices (iPhone, iPad, Kindle, etc.)

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pocket USB rechargeable battery, charger for iphone, ipod, ipad, kindle, mp3 player, android phone, and more!Wouldn’t it be great to have a portable rechargeable battery source for your iPhone or iPad when you don’t have access to electricity? Wish you could read your Kindle on the beach without it shutting off right at the crux of your who-dunnit? Hate it when your iPod dies out right in the middle of your favorite sexy-time playlist? Don’t we all!

Well guess what?  There’s a handy-dandy little device called the Innergie PocketCell™ which can prevent dead-battery syndrome and save you all kinds of frustration, and it works on any USB device!  That means, you can recharge and power your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android smartphone, cellphone, Blackberry, HTC, Kindle, MP3 player, tablet, or portable game console (and so many more) even when there’s not an outlet in sight!

Of course, you have to have the foresight to charge the battery pack ahead of time…and then you have to remember to take it with you…but I’m kind of hoping that you’ll remember when it matters most. Take it with you when you go rock climbing, to the beach, or camping, for example, or on a long international flight.

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Extend Power for:
iPhone = 25+ Hrs (Talk time)
iPod = 70+ Hrs (Audio playback)
iPad = 4.5+ Hrs (Using time)
Tablet = 5+ Hrs (Using time)
Smart Phone = 15+ Hrs (Talk time)
HTC = 15+ Hrs (Talk time)
Blackberry = 15+ Hrs (Talk time)
Game console = 10+ Hrs (Playing time)
MP3 player = 100 Hrs (Audio playback)

The Innergie PocketCell comes with a 3-in-1 USB cable with Mini USB, Micro USB, and Apple 30-pin connectors.  You can charge the battery pack by plugging it into a laptop, or by using the wall charger.  It boasts being able to charge over 10,000 different USB devices, and has a fancy ‘Smart Charge’ function which allows a quick charge of more mobile devices than other similar products.  There are five built-in protectors to prevent unstable voltage flow, and an energy-saving sleep mode that automatically switches the unit off after 10 seconds of not being used.

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