How to Replace a Broken iPhone Screen {Video Instructions}

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how to replace a broken iPhone screen {video}Broken iPhone screen? Well, it’s certainly not awesome news that you’ve destroyed one of your most prized possessions, but wipe away those tears – there’s no need to despair.

Instead of spending $200 on paying someone else to do it, you can spend about $30 and watch these YouTube videos below and fix it yourself!

You will need a Replacement Digitizer and Touch Screen LCD Assembly Kit (be sure to choose the color that matches your iPhone and the correct iPhone model as you will be replacing the entire face plate).

This iPhone screen replacement kit comes with all the tools you need to be able to take apart your phone and put it back together: tiny screwdriver, pry tool, suction cup, etc, and the touch screen itself, of course.

iphone screen replacement kit

Got your kit? GREAT! Now let’s get that broken iPhone screen fixed!

Helpful tip: If your screen is very badly smashed, you may want to begin by covering it with thick clear tape to hold it together and protect yourself from shards of glass that would otherwise become dislodged.

The following videos are the step-by-step instructions for how to disassemble and reassemble the iPhone 4. If you need to repair the screen on a different iPhone (or iPod) model, I encourage you to browse all the videos on this YouTube channel to find the one you need!

 Fixing Your iPhone Screen Part One: Disassemble your iPhone


 Fixing Your iPhone Screen Part Two: Replacing the Screen

That’s it! You can save yourself a couple of hundred bucks if you have the patience to undo all those tiny little screws. It is important to remember that this DIY fix may void your manufacturer’s warranty, but if you’re only a few months short of a free upgrade I would say it’s definitely worth that risk!

>> Browse replacement touch screen LCD kits here <<

Photo credit: thetechbuzz via, used under a Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution License

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