Shark iPhone, iPod, and iPad Cases for Shark Week!

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jawsome cute funny shark iphone 4/4s caseI don’t know about you guys, but I’m a huge fan of sharks.Well, I’ve never met a shark personally, but I really like to admire them from afar. And if you’re a fan too, then I bet you’ve been enjoying some Shark Week this week just like me!

My favorite Shark Week show by far this year was “Ten Reasons I Never Should Have Wrapped My Arm in Tuna While Attempting to Feed a Great White by Hand, With Tuna.” It was absolutely riveting and I suggest you catch a re-run if you can.

Ok, you got me. I love sharks but sometimes I kind of have a problem with Shark Week, because it tends to be a whole lot of fear mongering and focuses on all the bad things that sharks do, like attacking people and chomping off body parts and stuff.

Am I really expected to be shocked and feel sorry for the guy who drops a bait ball in the water and sticks his arm out of the cage to pet a Great White on the nose while he’s eating? Well, sorry, genius. What the eff did you think was gonna happen??

Shark factoid:  sharks kill fewer people in a year than bees do…by a landslide.

In fact, that just gave me an awesome idea for a series of documentaries and a subsequent Bee Week that will most assuredly beat the Shark Week ratings every year. Mark my words.

I hope you enjoy these cool shark iphone, ipod, and ipad cases in honor of these glorious and terrifying creatures.

Jawsome funny shark iphone case at zazzle (above)

Shark Case For The Ipod Touch


Shark Wallpaper Iphone 4 Case-mate Case
Shark Wallpaper Iphone 4 Case-mate Case by prawny
See another iPhone design online at Zazzle


iPHONE 4 Shark Week
iPHONE 4 Shark Week by eviltrancetwins
Browse another iPhone cover online at Zazzle



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