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Still not finding something awesome enough for ya? Think you can do better? It’s ok, it won’t hurt my feelings (I know you were concerned though, and that’s touching).

If you fancy yourself an artist, or have a unique catch phrase, or an inside joke with your friends…you can put it on a case. Or maybe you want a monogram, or family crest, or a photo of your kitten or of your wedding day or your favorite Jersey Shore character. Well, I guess that’s fine too. I’m not here to judge, but when I do, I do it silently, so you wouldn’t know if I was or was not judging you. Ok, moving on…

There are several great options for you if you want to give it the ‘ole college try’ (I’m not really sure why that’s a phrase that people use…I’m only using it because I’m sort of making fun of it) and without further pomp and circumstance, here they are:

CafePress has hard cases for iPhones and iPads; one for the iPhone 3 and several options each for iPhone 4/4S and 5, and several for iPad, iPad mini, iPad2 and iPad3. They offer bulk discounts when you order 12 or more through the design-your-own program.  There is no set-up fee whether you order 1 or 100, and orders ship in about 24 hours!

Design your own iPhone or iPad hard case at

Zazzle has several cases for different types of mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, and Androids. They also offer no set-up fees, bulk discounts, and ship as soon as 24 hours but could take up to 3-5 business days.

Design your own case at

Coveroo offers customizable hard snap-on cases for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, Kindle, and Nook as well as for many models of BlackBerry, HTC, Kodak, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Sanyo, and T-Mobile phones. You can choose from several base colors and browse over 5000 images (including fully licensed professional and college sports team logos; cartoon, movie, and video game characters or graphics; and various pop culture icons), OR you can provide your own photo or artwork. Your Coveroo will be laser-engraved with your choice of image and text for a permanently personalized design that won’t ever fade, peel, or rub off.

Custom cases for Kindle and for writing journals are also available! Design your own case for your cellphone, smartphone, iPod, iPad, Kindle, or journal at

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