Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone

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With so many new mobile phones released onto the market every month, it’s easy to find the newest gadget with the latest technology whenever you’re ready to purchase a new device. But some people simply don’t have the money to purchase mobile phones on a regular basis, so they continue to use the same old phone for many years until they’re absolutely forced to upgrade.

Keep in mind that advancements in technology are important for not only improving the way mobile phones operate in terms of connectivity, speed, clarity, and features, but also for ensuring that you get the most value for your money. Plus, there are certain situations in which you should definitely upgrade your mobile phone. Below are some of those situations.

Your Phone Battery No Longer Holds a Long Enough Charge

As the years go by and you use your mobile phone more and more, you’ll most likely notice that the battery life begins to suffer and the battery simply doesn’t hold a charge like it used to. This greatly minimises the amount of time that your mobile device is able to stay on, whether you are actually using it or it is at rest. And it greatly reduces the number of minutes that you can be using your phone for everything from texting to calling and, in the case of smartphones, playing games or surfing the internet for entertainment.

One option would be to replace the battery. Perhaps you can do this once, maybe even twice, to extend the life of your phone. But once you have done it a couple of times, you’re really spending more money on your old mobile phone than it’s currently worth. Rather than investing into more replacement batteries, use that money to invest into a new device altogether.

Your Smartphone Doesn’t Have Enough Memory Anymore

If your smartphone is crammed with apps, emails, videos, music, photos, and more, and it simply can’t hold any more information without becoming sluggish and constantly notifying you that it can’t update apps or function properly without more memory, it’s time for an upgrade. A newer phone with a higher storage capacity will be able to hold all of your current data and even more. Have your service provider transfer all of the data off of your old smartphone onto your new device so that you don’t lose anything. Then enjoy the speed and functionality of the newer technology.

Your Mobile Phone is Physically Falling Apart

If your mobile phone is so old that you’re struggling to hold it together physically, it’s certainly time for a new one. Stop taping up your phone and attempting to glue pieces back together. And if your screen is scratched, rather than repair it, go for a new phone instead.

If your phone is damaged accidentally, however, you can opt to keep it and repair it instead, especially if you have a good insurance plan like the Protect Your Bubble UK iPhone insurance, which will cover the cover of repairs.

About the Author: Laura Ginn is a tech blogger who enjoys upgrading her mobile phone regularly. She makes sure to transfer all of her old data onto her new phone, though, so that she does not need to worry about starting from scratch every time, and so she can preserve all of her contacts easily.

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Make money with your iPhone or Android phone; Earn Extra Cash Through Mobile Check-ins with an App Called WeReward!

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WeReward App - Make Easy Money with your iPhone or Android phoneWhen it’s so easy to earn extra money, it becomes a little bit addictive! I have to admit I can’t stop, ever since I downloaded an app called WeReward to my iPhone!

In only a few short months –just under three, to be exact– I cashed out a total of $62.18 from doing the simplest things like taking one-question multiple choice polls and ‘checking in’ at local businesses. Now, after 8 months of using this app, I have reached over $120 in points and have made $112.18 in total cash-outs! 

Now, granted, maybe it doesn’t seem like a whole lot…but if you consider that most of the tasks I choose We Reward Total Lifetime Rewardsto complete only pay an average of 5¢…are you a little bit more impressed now??

Nickels in a jar really do add up if you save a handful a day!

Would you like to find out more about WeReward?

Read on, my friends!

Requirements for using WeReward

  • You need to have an iPhone or an Android phone to be able to use the WeReward app to make money.
  • You must have a PayPal account. This is currently the only way to be paid through WeReward. **IMPORTANT** Create your account with WeReward using the same email address that is associated with your PayPal account.
  • You must also have a Facebook account, Foursquare account, or a Twitter account.

How Does WeReward Work?

WeReward is a mobile marketing app. This means that advertisers and businesses sponsor the tasks you complete and pay you to use your social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to help create a buzz for their business.

I should note that, while linking the WeReward app to one of the above social media accounts is a requirement to signing up for WeReward, you still have the choice whether or not you choose to ‘post’ each and every activity to your account’s feed. That is to say, at each check-in or task completed, you will have the option to share the completed activity with your account’s associated friends…or not…and points earned are not affected by your choice to ‘share’ your activity.

You will also be given the option to rate the activity or the related business upon your completion of each task. Points earned are not affected by your rating or by choosing not to rate the business.

Watch the video below for an excellent overview of the way the WeReward app works!


There are three types of rewards to earn with WeReward:

  1. Location Based Rewards: These are check-ins that must be completed within a certain distance from the given task. Your device’s location services will scan for tasks within range for you to choose from.
  2. Task Based Rewards: Tasks based on completing things like surveys or trying products and submitting photos that are not tied to a specific location.
  3. Referral Points: Like most programs of this nature, you earn points for referring friends!  Here is my referral link, if you sign up, I get points too!
All links to WeReward listed in this article are my referral links; I will get credit if you sign up after clicking, so thanks in advance if you choose to sign up through me! However, if you prefer not to go that route you can still sign up by going to! 

Things you’ll want to know if you choose to sign up

  • We Reward Total Lifetime RewardsThe cash-out threshold for WeReward is $10.00 (or 1000 points. Each point is worth 1¢). HOWEVER, new accounts are placed on a 14-day hold, so even if you reach the $10.00 mark before this period is over, you will be unable to cash out. You will receive a frustratingly generic message like ‘Cash-out cannot be completed at this time’ with no explanation, so before you go panicking and throwing things across the room…relax, be patient. You will get your money. You just have to wait 2 weeks. After this newbie waiting period, you may cash out any time you have over 1000 points in your account.
  • WeReward’s customer service is very helpful and friendly! I know this because I submitted a support ticket when I was first unable to cash out my new account (yes, I actually made over $20 in the first 2 weeks of using the app!). They were patient, kind, and helpful…even though I felt that they could have done a better job giving more information ahead of time about why I was unable to cash out and could have avoided a support ticket request from me in the first place.Make money checking in at local businesses with your iphone or android phone
  • WeReward has very generous ‘level-up’ points. They give what they call ‘Customer Love’ appreciation points, which of course translate into $$$: You get rewards for reaching 100, 200, 500, and 1000 check-ins, etc. etc. Mybonus for completing 1000 check-ins was 400 points ($4.00)!
  • Many of the ‘location based’ tasks ask you to submit a photo of yourself at their location, with their logo in the photo for example. This type of check-in can take up to 48 hours to credit to your account, as they have to be verified, but you get 25-50 points (or cents) for each one completed.

Make money with your iPhone or android phone by checking in at local businesses

  • Simple check-ins credit your points almost immediately. You can opt for this simple ‘geo check-in’ which can be accessed by swiping your finger across the listed task (instead of pressing the check-in button). Points offered are MUCH lower for these simple check-ins (1 or 5 points each). Also, simple check-ins canbe completed anywhere within 1 mile of the location, so you don’t even have to actually go in to get the points (good to know, eh?)
  • For location-based tasks, there is a waiting period of 15 minutes between check-ins. A few businesses may also choose to limit the number of check-ins you can make within a certain time period; a clock icon will show next to a point box that will read ‘0 points’ until the waiting period is over.

Ready to get started and earn some money?

Thank you for reading about how to earn extra cash and make money with your Apple iPhone or Android phone with WeReward. Sign up for WeReward and start earning today!

You may also be interested in learning more about another app like WeReward called AppRedeem where you can also make money for downloading and rating apps with your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android phone!


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