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My name is JB and I built this site because I like to help people.  How am I helping people, you may ask?  Well, I personally just find that there are too many people out there with painfully boring cases for their iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Like, seriously. Black, grey, or white for guys, and pink, purple, or baby blue for girls.  Right??  It hurts.

I thought I’d be doing this world a great service by pointing out to these people that there is more to life than the same old cases that everyone else has.  I mean, everyone pretty much has an iPhone nowadays.  How many times have you picked up someone else’s iPhone instead of yours?  Lots.  Why?  Probably because you didn’t have the most awesome case that you could possibly have for it.  That’s why.

I’m tellin’ you folks, expressing yourself through your favorite piece of technology is the wave of the future.  It is also the wave of the present, I guess.  Let’s do this–

How about we find you a Star Wars iPhone case, or Transformers or Harry Potter iPad case….or Lady Gaga or leopard print, or monogrammed, or faux wood grain, or one that looks like an old cassette tape (if anyone even remembers what that is).

I’ll go ahead and say it, you’re only as cool as your case, man.  I’m glad you came to me.  I will help you unlock your true potential of awesomeness, while simultaneously helping you protect that outlandishly expensive little computer-y thing that you can’t live without.

See?  Helpin’ peeps.  You’re welcome.

Oh, hey, and if you think I missed something totally rad that deserves to be on this site–contact me and please let me know.  Help me help you.

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